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Warriors’ Stephen Curry reacts to getting called for travel on James Harden move

Rockets, Warriors, James Harden

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry has a message to the NBA and its officials: it’s time to do something about the infamous James Harden double step-back.

During the Warriors’ game against the Sacramento Kings on Saturday, Stephen Curry copied James Harden’s signature double step-back from beyond the arc. As expected, Curry was called for the blatant traveling violation.

The Warriors still went on to win the game. However, after the match, Curry talked about the play and made sure that the league knows his stand about the discrepancies on referee calls and decisions.

“I’ve seen that once or twice. Tried it myself. Obviously they got confused. They knew it was somebody different, so they called it,” Curry said, per Anthony Slater of The Athletic.

Clearly, Curry is not happy that the league isn’t doing something about Harden’s move that has been a topic of discussion among fans in the past weeks.

Notably, Harden did a double step-back against Ricky Rubio and the Utah Jazz in their match-up last month. Interestingly, the reigning NBA MVP got away without a call, even though the referee saw the whole play unfold.

The NBA Referees Association has since admitted the error on their part, but it’s hard to blame Curry for trying to make a point.