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Stephen Curry reacts to Klay Thompson nearing Warriors return

Stephen Curry Warriors Klay Thompson return injury

The Golden State Warriors just ended the Phoenix Suns’ vaunted 18-game win streak. With Klay Thompson set to return from injury, they’re about to get even more deadly. Stephen Curry knows that more than anyone else.

Curry was asked about his longtime Splash Brother after the Warriors’ resounding win over the Phoenix Suns, 118-96.

Via Ron Croichick:

“Thank God he still remembers how to shoot the ball,” said the Warriors star. “That hasn’t changed at all. It seems like he has good pep in his step, good energy.”

Klay Thompson’s return is getting closer and closer, with every mention and video clip further exciting both Warriors fans and players alike. He’s reportedly in good enough condition to play at this very moment, but wants to be at his physical best before returning to the court for the first time in two seasons.

Golden State is reportedly likely to get Klay Thompson back as a Christmas gift. Whether that comes before, after, or during the Christmas Games themselves remains to be seen.

But all that truly matters is that it’s only a matter of time before we move on from the footage of him draining threes in warmups to having them count on Golden State’s box score.