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Stephen Curry reacts to Steve Kerr saying he’s at his ‘peak’

Stephen Curry, Steve Kerr, Warriors

Stephen Curry is expected to go on a tear again, as a dismantled Golden State Warriors team hopes to make the most of this 2019-20 season despite the departure of Kevin Durant and several veterans, as well as Klay Thompson’s ACL injury. Among those believers is his head coach Steve Kerr, who noted Curry is at his “peak,” considering his now-extensive championship experience as well as a sound understanding of what it takes to navigate the regular season.

“Didn’t he say that last year?,” asked a confused Curry on Monday following practice, according to Mark Medina of USA TODAY Sports.

Kerr did indeed say something similar in 2017 and Curry expressed some fond gratitude that he’s managed to prove Kerr right.

Curry has the weight of the Warriors’ immediate future hinging on his shoulders, tasked with the bulk of the offensive load and therefore a key part in any win for the Warriors.

Yet expecting him to peak at 31 years old after five seasons of playing around 100-plus games every season (including playoffs) could take a certain toll on the body, one the Warriors will have to watch closely if they hope to have Curry by the postseason.

Golden State has given no indication of a load management process for their two-time MVP, but it’s very likely that they will pay close attention to his level of stamina as the season progresses and gauge just how much rest their star player should get through the course of 82 games.