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Stephen Curry’s real thoughts on James Harden-to-Warriors trade rumors

Warriors, Stephen Curry, James Harden

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry has heard some of the wildest rumors over the course of his NBA career. The latest one involves Houston Rockets star James Harden heading to the Dubs.

For what it’s worth, Curry is neither excited nor speculative about this new rumor.

Curry appeared on 95.7 The Game’s “Damon, Ratto & Kolsky” on Wednesday where he shared his real thoughts on the Harden-to-Warriors rumor. He has come to accept that such rumors, big or small, are part of the NBA.

On the Harden issue, Curry recalled an earlier gossip involving LeBron James. As transcribed by Karl Buscheck of 95.7 The Game:

“What was it, probably like two or three years ago, there was a rumor that LeBron [James] was gonna leave [the Cleveland Cavaliers] and come play for us. There’s all type of stuff that you hear, and that’s all part of the small world that is the NBA rumor circles and whatnot,” the Warriors star shared.

“Some of the stuff you kind of laugh at. Some of the stuff is just a part of the business but until anything happens in this league, you kinda just brush it off. It’s part of the nature of the business.”

Fans get pumped when they hear a new rumor regarding their favorite team or player. But the players themselves, as the Warriors sharpshooter pointed out, don’t exactly behave the same way. The only time they’ll react is when the deal has already been sealed.

Besides, while fans rely on hearsay, NBA players like Stephen Curry definitely have their sources of information which are better more often than not.