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Warriors’ Stephen Curry reveals true thoughts on Andrew Wiggins vaccination status

Stephen Curry, Andrew Wiggins, Warriors

SAN FRANCISCO — The Andrew Wiggins vaccination issue is an ongoing concern for the Golden State Warriors. The 2014 No. 1 draft pick is the only member of the team not vaccinated and could potentially miss home games because of not getting the vaccine. At media day Stephen Curry weighed in on the subject.

“At the end of the day, it is up to him. I think it’s no secret to that point. We obviously hope that he has all the right information and access to the right resources to ask all the questions he has on making decisions,” Curry told ClutchPoints about the Warriors’ key supporting-cast player.

Nearly every player on the team answered questions about Wiggins’ situation because they all understand how important he is to the team. If the issue doesn’t get resolved soon, Wiggins will not be available for home games. This season is supposed to be when the Warriors are back at full strength, and missing Andrew Wiggins would be a massive step in the wrong direction.

“We hope he’s available. We hope it moves in the right direction. I got it and am ready to be available and following the mandates and whatnot. But that’s kind of where it is, and the next coming weeks and how it all plays out is going to be entirely up to him. We obviously hope he’s available and with us, and we’ll go from there,” Curry said before the Warriors begin their season.

Last season Wiggins was the team’s second-leading scorer averaging 18.6 points on 47.7 percent from the field. More or the same is needed out of him this season if the Warriors want to reach their full potential and give Stephen Curry the help he needs.