Warriors news: Stephen Curry showers Derrick Rose with praise for 50-point night
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Warriors’ Stephen Curry showers Derrick Rose with praise for 50-point night

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Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry welcomed Derrick Rose into this season’s 50-point club, as he joined Blake Griffin, Klay Thompson and him in the shortlist through merely two weeks of action.

Derrick Rose favored from absences to starting point guard Jeff Teague and reserve Tyus Jones, but even more so from Jimmy Butler, as the Minnesota Timberwolves needed a player to step up against a dangerous Utah Jazz team that took this game to the wire.

Rose’s prior career high was “only” 44 points, despite his highly regarded MVP season, making this that much more of a truly special moment for the Chicago native.

Curry dealt with his share of tough injuries early in his Warriors career and can certainly relate, but Rose’s NBA career is quite tragic when looking at it through the bigger picture — going from a meteoric rise to become the youngest MVP to missing the better part of the next two years with a torn left ACL and various knee complications, including a torn meniscus in his right knee.

Ever since, Derrick Rose has only been a shadow of himself, a less explosive but still talented player who just couldn’t rise to his previous caliber. For one night, he did — and the tears ensued not just for him after the game, but for many of his colleagues familiar with his story.