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Stephen Curry welcomes comparison to Pete Maravich

Stephen Curry and Pete Maravich

What do Stephen Curry and legendary “Pistol” Pete Maravich have in common? Both showed off some ball-handling wizardry with the basketball, are tremendous scorers, good passers, and like shooting threes. This last statement might not be as fitting, as the 3-point line was not introduced to the NBA until 1979, Maravich’s last season in the league. But still, Maravich made 10 out of his 15 3-point attempts, something absolutely unusual in that era.

Maravich’s coach when he played in Utah, Tom Nissalke, thinks Curry is the best modern-day comparison to Pistol Pete. According to Eric Woodyard from Deseret News, Nissalke said:

“If I had to equate a player playing today with Maravich, I would say [Golden State’s Stephen] Curry.”

Curry recognizes Maravich and how he was a pioneer in building what basketball is today:

“I think he was one of the first ones that showed creativity with ball-handling and being able to balance that part of the game with just pure scoring. I know his college records and all that stuff.”

Probably the most fitting comparison between both’s game is their unusual scoring abilities. Maravich danced with the basketball and made tough shots off fancy dribble moves. Curry has a ridiculous shooting range, the best we have ever seen on this planet. Added Curry:

“That was actually the first time I was put in the same category with him, with his scoring average. The game has obviously changed dramatically, and a lot of people have adopted Pistol Pete’s flair for the game, but him being an innovator, that’s what I call him, an innovator, because he pushed the envelope.”

An innovator recognizes a previous innovator. Game recognizes game. And even though Maravich died over 30 years ago, his impact is still felt as new generations of basketball players arise.