Warriors news: Steve Kerr explains how Draymond Green's defensive role will be different
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Warriors’ Steve Kerr explains how Draymond Green’s defensive role will be different

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The Golden State Warriors have benefited from having strong wing defenders like Andre Iguodala and Kevin Durant in recent seasons. With both players gone, Draymond Green’s role as the anchor of the defense will be different throughout the season.

When asked about how Green’s role may change, head coach Steve Kerr mentioned that he will still be the captain of the defense but the team may run a different scheme. They may need to change how they operate on defense since they do not have the same defensive impact on the wing that they’ve had in recent seasons.

“”We don’t have the same wing depth that we’ve had, so all of the switching that Draymond has been so good with will be more difficult,” Kerr said, via Wes Goldberg of The Mercury News. He’ll have to still captain the defense, but maybe from a different scheme. Maybe with a little more patience with the younger guys who he’s working with on the floor.”

There could be some nights when Green will guard the other team’s best perimeter playmaker. However, the Warriors don’t want to compromise the rim protection that he provides as a help defender and the matchups they face will help determine how they use Green.
“It will all just depend on matchups,’ he said. “We are going to need him to guard multiple guys, but if putting him on the best player on the perimeter takes him away from the rim and we have trouble defending the rim then that’s counter-productive.”
“We will have to figure it out from game to game.”
The upcoming regular season will require real adjustment for the Warriors and Green’s defensive impact will be key in their efforts to ensure that they are successful.