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Steve Kerr jokes Steph Curry should be suspended 8-10 games

steve kerr, stephen curry

Following Stephen Curry’s ejection on Saturday night against the Memphis Grizzlies, one of the questions that emerged was what sanction he will receive from the league office, once the review of the incident has been made. Already in the last minute of the the game, the former back-to-back MVP appeared to throw his mouthpiece at a referee, as he did not agree that he wasn’t fouled while driving to the basket.

After the game, reporters caught up with Steve Kerr, and asked him to give his thoughts about the Golden State Warriors star guard’s ejection. Instead of answering seriously, he joked that Curry should be suspended eight, or even 10 games, as he endangered the thousands of fans watching, via Anthony Slater of The Athletic.

“I think he should be suspended eight, maybe 10 games. It was egregious. It was awful,” Kerr said. “It was a danger to thousands of people in the stands.”

It is worth noting that Curry claimed that he did not throw the mouthpiece at the referee. He also added that he has better aim than that, and it was only brought about by his heightened emotions during that time.

Curry’s possible sanction is still unclear at this time, but he could face a suspension and even a fine for his actions. Should he be forced to miss a game, it could add more worries to the Dubs fans, as their team has not started the season on a high note, and currently only owns a 1-2 record.