Warriors news: Steve Kerr on national reaction to DeMarcus Cousins' debut -- 'We're going to be unbeatable or in big trouble'
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Warriors coach Steve Kerr on national reaction to DeMarcus Cousins’ debut — ‘We’re going to be unbeatable or in big trouble’

Steve Kerr, DeMarcus Cousins, Warriors

Golden State Warriors big man DeMarcus Cousins will make his 2018-19 debut against the Los Angeles Clippers on Friday night, taking the floor for the first time since tearing his Achilles late last January.

Naturally, there have been polarizing opinions on what type of impact Cousins will have on the Warriors, and Golden State head coach Steve Kerr understands that the media and the fans will have a knee-jerk reaction to this game no matter what the outcome is:

“We’re going to be unbeatable or in big trouble,” said Kerr, according to Anthony Slater of The Athletic. “We know the drill.”

The Warriors set the NBA world ablaze when they signed Cousins to a one-year, $5.3 million contract over the summer, with many chiding Cousins for signing the deal and the league in general for allowing it to happen.

There were others, however, who took a bit of a different view, citing Cousins’ tendency for causing locker-room issues and the fact that he is coming off of a potentially debilitating injury as to why this move could actually hurt the Dubs.

Now, if Cousins comes out and drops 20 and 10 in a double-digit win on Friday evening, the reaction will certainly be that the Warriors are now completely invincible because “Boogie is back.”

But if Cousins lays an egg and Golden State’s offense looks a bit discombobulated while trying to adjust to the mercurial center, then it will be, “Uh oh. Is Boogie making the Warriors worse?”

So, Kerr is 100 percent right in his assertion.