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Warriors’ Steve Kerr rips Donald Trump’s speech in Tulsa rally

Warriors, Donald Trump, Steve Kerr

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr once again expressed his disdain towards United States President Donald Trump’s public views on Twitter.

Following the POTUS’ spirited speech at the Tulsa Rally in Oklahoma on Sunday, Kerr unleashed an unfiltered tirade directed at Trump’s priorities throughout these trying times.

President Trump’s speech lasted for an hour and 41 minutes, where he began by bragging about the administration’s actions to the pandemic that continues to ravage the country. Trump also praised his supreme court appointees and vowed to eradicate confederate statues, among other things.

Trump’s rally, meanwhile, failed to reach its expected turnout of 19,000 supporters inside the BOK Center. The fear for the possible spread of the virus was quite evident from the empty seats on the upper levels of the arena. Health officials also initially warned the public that the rally could turn into a “super spreader” for COVID-19.

Steve Kerr, meanwhile, has long been vocal about his opposition to Trump’s administration. He was one of the several personalities who called out the President’s decision to initially hold the rally on Juneteenth, the holiday celebrating the end of slavery in the US.

It is also worth noting that his chosen venue was in the same city were the worst racial attack in the country occurred. After public backlash, Trump moved the event a day after Juneteenth.

While the majority of the league’s players continue to denounce Trump, Kerr still stands as his staunchest critic.  Kerr is not one to bite his tongue concerning racial issues, and he’ll likely continue to air his grievance against Trump as long as he is in power.