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Steve Kerr says Warriors are now figuring out how to use DeMarcus Cousins better

Steve Kerr, DeMarcus Cousins, Warriors

Just when everybody else thought the Golden State Warriors were on the brink of a late-season collapse, they came through with a crucial victory over the Houston Rockets on Wednesday, 106-104. The closely-contested bout saw the Warriors’ superstars–sans Kevin Durant (ankle) – give it their all to upset the red-hot Rockets on the road. One particular player, DeMarcus Cousins, emerged as one of Golden State’s key factors to their victory. The 28-year-old forward scored a season-best 27 points and almost secured a triple-double outing with eight rebounds and seven assists.

The Athletic’s Anthony Slater shared a clip of head coach Steve Kerr commending Cousins’ performance in Wednesday’s victory, and also claimed that his team is just starting to figure out how to use the four-time All-Star better:

As far as fans are concerned, Boogie is already terrorizing the rest of the NBA by showing no signs of regression coming from his lengthy absence due to injury.

With Kerr stating that there’s still more room for more improvement, though, the league’s resident villians may have a few more nasty schemes up their sleeves en route to yet another NBA title; this time with Cousins thrown into the fray.

As Durant’s timetable for a return to action remains up in the air, it’s time for the Dubs to do what they do best: have their wealth of talent rise to the occasion when one man does down. Considering how stacked they were in previous seasons without Cousins, KD’s brief absence shouldn’t really be much of a problem for the reigning NBA champs to deal with.