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Warriors coach Steve Kerr says it’s ‘sad’ to see Tyronn Lue get fired

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The Cleveland Cavaliers decided to part ways with head coach Tyronn Lue on Sunday. After taking over the head coaching job during the 2015-16 season, Lue held a 128-83 record with the Cavs. He also led the team to three straight NBA Finals appearances and won the franchise’s first championship in 2016.

Unfortunately for Cleveland, LeBron James decided to go to the Los Angeles Lakers in the offseason.  The Cavs are having big-time difficulties without James and are 0-6 to start the season.

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr shared those previous three Finals appearances with Lue on the opposing side. Kerr provided his thoughts on the situation:

While Kerr is obviously in no danger of losing his job, he displayed genuine empathy with his comments regarding Lue. Since the season is still so young, it’s strange timing to fire a coach, even with Cleveland’s poor start. It’s especially crazy to see a coach who led a team to three straight Finals get fired this early into a season.

The Cavs have been really bad to start the year, with not only losses piling up but ugly losses. Cleveland’s front office also reportedly had some issues with Lue’s rotations.

Many believe it was mainly LeBron James who led the Cavs to the three Finals appearances with Lue at the helm. However, Lue had a pivotal role in the team’s success as well.  It would be a surprise if Tyronn Lue did not get another coaching opportunity in the near future, and Steve Kerr certainly agrees with this notion.