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Steve Kerr explains how ‘Strength in Numbers’ mantra began


The Golden State Warriors put forth a total team effort on Thursday as they defeated the Los Angeles Clippers, 132-105, in Game 3 of their first-round series matchup, thereby living out their team manta of “Strength in Numbers” yet again.

Dubs head coach Steve Kerr recently discussed how this catchphrase quickly caught on to become the team’s highly-recognizable mantra.

“‘Strength in Numbers’ started five years ago and it just sort of became a mantra for the organization… Everybody matters. That’s the idea. That everybody’s collective effort matters and if everybody’s dialed in, we can get a lot of work done.”

Kerr went on to explain how this statement captured the actual vision everyone had for the team, and turned out to be the entire organization’s words to live by.

“For us it’s an organizational mantra more than a team mantra. It started out as a team mantra, but I think it really spread to the organization.”

This has been the team’s battle cry from the get go, and it remains to be etched in the hearts and minds of not only every single player on the squad, not only each member of the organization, but throughout the entire Warriors Nations as well.

This mantra is what has brought home the past three championships for Golden State, and surely, this is the very same one that they will need to secure their fourth title in five seasons.

Here is the whole clip of the Warriors coach explaining how the “Strength in Numbers” mantra came about: