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Warriors coach Steve Kerr suggests Andre Iguodala’s season gets less appreciation

steve kerr, andre iguodala

Andre Iguodala has been stringing together some solid games for the Golden State Warriors through a six-game winning streak, but none more crucial than his role on Wednesday night against the New Orleans Pelicans, tallying a vital 13 points to keep the team afloat in the fourth quarter while Stephen Curry took his usual early-fourth-quarter rest.

Head coach Steve Kerr commended Iguodala on a great season, pointing out that his efforts won’t always jump out of the box score, but are always there nonetheless.

“Andre is just a professional and he takes unbelievable care of himself, his diet, his exercise, his treatment,” said Kerr. “I think one of the untold stories this year — here I am telling the media what they should write about — Andre is having a hell of a year. He is having a phenomenal year.

“It doesn’t always show up in the box score with Andre, because he’s not a big scorer — but night after night, he’s making a dramatic impact.”

Steve Kerr was candid in his answer, noting he’s not just promoting his sixth man for the sake of doing so, claiming it was a very different story last season.

“I wouldn’t have said that a year ago,” said Kerr of Iguodala. “I thought he had a slow regular season, I thought he was saving it for the playoffs and he was great in the playoffs, but I think he’s been awesome the entire first half of the season.”

Andre Iguodala signed a beefy three-year, $48 million deal in 2016 and while the numbers hardly justify the money — the effort, the work ethic, and the results certainly justify the expense the Warriors doled out to retain him at all costs as a free agent.