Warriors news: Steve Kerr takes his shot at convincing Bryce Harper to sign with the Giants
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Steve Kerr takes his shot at convincing Bryce Harper to sign with the Giants

Steve Kerr, Bryce Harper

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr has joined the chorus of people begging Bryce Harper to come to the San Francisco Giants, but will the player finally listen?

Kerr was asked the question about Harper joining the Giants while his team was facing off against the Miami Heat on Sunday night:

“That would be fun. I would love it if Bryce Harper came here. Does my opinion count here?” He added, “Bryce, come to the Giants. Let’s go.”

Shortly after Kerr answered the question, it was revealed that the Giants are looking to make a short-term offer to Bryce Harper. And while Harper’s camp met with the Giants last Monday, other teams are looking to court him, as well. The Phillies, Nationals, White Sox, and Padres have all been linked to Harper this offseason, and we can now add the Giants to that list.

But will Harper head on over to the Giants?

According to Cot’s Contracts, the Giants have a projected 40-man roster payroll of $171.5 million, leaving them about $34 million to play with while staying under the competitive balance tax threshold, set at $206 million for the 2019 season.

In 2017, Bryce Harper had a salary of approximately $14 million, and he’s looking for a massive raise. And while it’s entirely possible that the Giants have what it takes to give Harper the money that he deserves, there are several other teams who have larger war chests and better records to do just the same.