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Warriors coach Steve Kerr’s wife roasted him after he got ejected from Suns game

Steve Kerr

Steve Kerr was ejected in hilarious fashion from the Golden State Warriors’ game on Monday night against the Phoenix Suns. As he was being tossed, he offered up a hilarious response to the referees and made sure they knew he didn’t want to be there. That led to Kerr’s wife, Margot, roasting him when he got home.

It’s only preseason, so Kerr’s anger from his ejection didn’t last very long:

Kerr’s response to his wife’s sarcastic comment was perfect:

“No, she didn’t toss me out. She has before, but I was OK last night.”

Kerr was not surprised by his ejection in the slightest. It looks like he was using the opportunity to make a point, as he admitted he was backing up his players after some calls that went against Golden State. Obviously, Kerr has built up enough credibility with his players and they know he will back them up. But an ejection in the preseason is a little reminder that he’ll back them up and fight for them whenever he needs to.

The Warriors have a gigantic target on their back, and this season it’s bigger than it has ever been. It could be the final chance for this group to win a championship together before free agency breaks up the core.

Expect the Warriors to have more of a sense of urgency this year when compared to last season. The Warriors should come out swinging from the get-go and show everyone that they want to be here.