Warriors news: Steve Nash thinks OKC was using Kevin Durant the wrong way
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Steve Nash thinks OKC was using Kevin Durant the wrong way

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Recently-enshrined Hall of Famer Steve Nash gave some thoughts on Kevin Durant, a player he’s come to know in his last few seasons as a consultant for the Golden State Warriors. the former two-time MVP came on The Bill Simmons Podcast and explained how Durant’s talents were misused and how the Warriors have unlocked the most efficient version of himself these past two years.

“The more he plays like a point guard or a playmaker, I think the more brilliant he is,” said Steve Nash. “The way they played in Oklahoma City all those years where he had to like go out and hold his man off at 25 feet, catch the ball, face five guys, and put the ball on the deck and try to take a tough pull up from 18 or wherever. The less of that and the more of him just getting in a pick and roll, getting off the ball and moving, or getting off a pindown and putting it down, breaking the defense down. That’s where he’s like the best player in the world.”

Kevin Durant has thrived in the Warriors offense, posting career-highs in field goal percentage while taking considerable less shots than he did in Oklahoma City. His ability to be willing to do most of the work at the set up of the offense allows him to have more breathing room and a simplified scoring option, rather than initiating one-on-one battles from the very top.

He shot a career-high 53.7 percent from the field in his first season in Golden State and a blistering 41.9 percent from deep this past season, making him one of the most lethal options in one of the most potent NBA offenses.

Nash would know a thing or two about efficiency, shooting 50 percent or more for six straight seasons after starting his second tenure with the Suns.