Warriors news: The moment Stephen Curry showed Bob Myers he was 'different'
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The moment Warriors’ Stephen Curry showed Bob Myers he was ‘different’

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There are just certain moments in a player’s career that define him. In the eyes of Golden State Warriors president of basketball operations Bob Myers, this moment came for Dubs superstar Stephen Curry way back in 2013.

Myers retold the story like it happened yesterday. It was during the second round of the 2013 playoffs, as the Warriors faced off against a heavily-favored San Antonio Spurs side. In a moment of magic, Curry made this insane three-point shot that still plays vividly in the memory of Myers some seven years later:

For Myers, he has no doubt that this was the defining moment for Curry.

“He came off a screen at the top and he took a one-footed 3-point shot — in the halfcourt,” Myers recalled, via Brad Botkin of CBS Sports. “I looked at Travis [Schlenk], our assistant GM at the time, and said, ‘Did he just shoot that off one foot?’ It looked so natural. I said, ‘This guy is different, man.'”

At that point, Myers realized that Curry was nothing like he had ever seen before.

“Like, that is so unusual, and the way he did it,” Myers continued. “And I started thinking, not that I didn’t think he’d be great before [that shot], but there’s a difference between being great and transcendent. There are a lot of great players I think in the NBA, but then there’s the ones like Steph that go beyond that category.”

The Warriors ended up losing that series to the Spurs in six games, and it wasn’t until a couple of years later that Curry would lead the Warriors to its first title in three decades. However, Myers cannot deny that that specific moment was all he needed to believe that Curry was special.