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Tim Hardaway’s friends think that Warriors’ retiring the numbers of Andre Iguodala, Kevin Durant is ‘some BS’

Tim Hardaway, Andre Iguodala, Kevin Durant

Friends of Tim Hardaway are not exactly thrilled by the Golden State Warriors’ idea of retiring the numbers of both Andre Iguodala and Kevin Durant.

Per Eric Ting of SF Gate, Hardaway — who was part of the Warriors’ Run TMC trio with Mitch Richmond and Chris Mullen — relayed what his friends told him when they heard that the Dubs were going to retire Iguodala and Durant’s numbers.

“I’m laughing because as soon as they said Kevin Durant’s number’s gonna get retired, here they go, he said, ‘Man that’s some BS,'” Hardaway said of one of his friends. “‘How they gonna retire his number and he only played there for three years and you played there for six years, and you giving them all the sweat and tears and everything like that and they’re not gonna retire your number.'”

There’s been little debate going on as to whether Durant and Iguodala deserve to have their jerseys retired, especially Durant who spent a mere three years donning the Warriors jersey. But for Hardaway himself, he says Durant and Iguodala deserve it. After all, they won championships for the Dubs — something that Run TMC wasn’t able to accomplish.

“But, you know they deserve it, you know they won championships, man,” he said. “They won championships, they was there, not to say I shouldn’t be up there, but you know I can feel what Joe Lacob is saying and he wanna bring them joy and show them gratitude for what they did for the city.”