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The perfect trade Warriors must offer Wizards for Bradley Beal

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Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green have reportedly made it clear that they want the Golden State Warriors front office to go all in on their pursuit of another championship run. According to Marcus Thompson of The Athletic, the Warriors Big Three hinted Bob Myers and company to “consider using their two lottery picks to get someone who can help immediately.” Thompson adds that the star trio is reportedly eyeing Washington Wizards star Bradley Beal as their top target, should he be available for trade.

The biggest thing about The Athletic’s report is whether the Wizards will actually consider parting ways with their All-Star shooting guard. Rumblings about a potential split between Beal and Washington have gone on for quite some time now. But both sides are reportedly still on the same page of wanting to make another go-round, especially with two years left on Beal’s current deal.

Nonetheless, the Warriors could very well present an offer that’s going to be hard for the Wizards to turn down. With that, here is the perfect trade Golden State must offer to Washington for Bradley Beal:

Washington Wizards receive: Andrew Wiggins, James Wiseman, 7th and 14th overall picks in 2021 draft, 2022 lottery protected pick, 

Golden State Warriors receive: Bradley Beal 

Washington could ask for more of Golden State’s promising young players, such as Jordan Poole or Eric Paschall and also ask for pick swaps in future drafts. If the ask is too much for the Dubs, perhaps they can negotiate the Wizards to include someone like Thomas Bryant, or Daniel Gafford, or even Davis Bertans, depending on the sweeteners that the Dubs offer. Nonetheless, the above should be the minimum structure of a Warriors deal for Bradley Beal.

The Dubs basically throw the kitchen sink deal at Washington with this one. With the addition of the 3-time All-Star, Golden State should instantly launch itself back into championship contention. The offensive trio of Beal, Stephen Curry, and Klay Thompson would be one of the deadliest in the NBA.

All three are capable of creating their own shots and have also shown that they can play off the ball. With a maestro in Draymond Green orchestrating the offense, opposing teams will certainly have nightmares guarding the Warriors once again.

The 28-year old’s fit may not look the best on paper, since he naturally plays the same position as Klay Thompson. But with Thompson coming back from two major injuries, Beal’s presence should help the Warriors ease the 31-year old back into the mix. He presents as an insurance blanket for Thompson as he takes his time getting his legs and his rhythm back.

Furthermore, Beal’s addition would likely lure in prospective free agents who may also want a shot at a championship. The Warriors reportedly generated interest from several veterans last offseason, but were ultimately swayed away after Thompson went down. With a core four of Curry, Thompson, Beal, and Green, those ring chasing veteran free agents should come funneling in for a chance to win a ring.

There could also be questions about how Golden State will look defensively by featuring three guards. Still, Draymond Green’s presence alone should make them a top-tier defensive team.

For the Wizards, they essentially push the reset button and acquire multiple draft assets to kickstart their rebuild. They get last year’s no. 2 overall pick in James Wiseman, whom they could develop as their future franchise star. In addition, they get a reliable wing like Andrew Wiggins, who is only just 26-years old. Furthermore, they also acquire two lottery picks in a loaded 2021 draft class to go along with multiple future first round selections.

The reality is Washington is ways away from being a championship-caliber team with their current roster-construction and it doesn’t seem like that will change anytime soon. With Beal in his prime, he might consider asking for a trade for a better chance at winning a title. Going to Golden State would undoubtedly give him his best shot at a ring.

The Warriors arguably own the best trade package for any of the disgruntled stars around the league. With their Big Three aging, but still more than capable of being the core trio of championship team, Golden State’s front office should go all in on making a run for another title.

Golden State’s championship window is right now. With the West completely wide open, the Dubs have as good a chance as the best of them to lift the 2022 Larry O’Brien trophy next June. Bradley Beal might just be the piece that puts them over the top.