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ESPN analysts predict D’Angelo Russell, Alec Burks trades this season

D'Angelo Russell, Alec Burks, Warriors

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst believes the Golden State Warriors will some moves this season, now that all of their core All-Stars have hit the sidelines or been traded away. In a recent talk with a few of his ESPN colleagues on The Hoop Collective podcast, Windhorst noted the Warriors could look to move D’Angelo Russell’s four-year, $137 million contract, as well as Alec Burks’ minimum deal.

Windhorst was shooting ideas back-and-forth from roster to roster, eventually landing on a dilapidated Warriors roster, which he thinks will undergo a series of changes before its final end-of-season product.

Via Mike Moffitt of SFGate.com:

“Some of these guys that they’ve signed, I don’t think they really have much use anymore,” said Windhorst. “I think we’re going to see the Warriors make a series of trades. They’re all going seem minor in the short-term, but I think we’re going to see them be pretty active messing with this roster going forward.”

In a conversation with ESPN’s Royce Young, Windhorst and his colleague discussed Russell’s contract being moved either before the trade deadline or during the summer:

“I don’t like that contract,” said Windhorst. “It’s possible his value may never be higher than it is currently. … Do the Warriors trade him come January?”

“Yes, I think ultimately they move him, between January and the summer,” said Young.

Russell is eligible to be traded after Dec. 15.

The two colleagues ultimately landed on spark plug Alec Burks, who recently came back from an early-season injury and is sitting on a minimum contract that can provide interest and flexibility. Windy thinks Burks will almost certainly be elsewhere at some point this season:

“He’s the guy I think will be almost certainly be traded,” Windhorst said of Burks. “No. 1, he’s easy to trade because he makes the minimum salary. They don’t have to do crazy things to get rid of him.”

Burks would give a team instant scoring and become an easy attachment to any other trade as cushion money. The Warriors could look plenty different at the start of next season, but that change could start in 2019-20, given the bevy of injuries in a transition season.