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Michael Beasley could see himself playing with Kevin Durant next season

michael beasley, kevin durant

Only a day after the New York Knicks faced the Golden State Warriors at Oracle Arena, Michael Beasley reflected on his long-standing friendship with Kevin Durant, giving away the possibility that he could team up with him in the near future.

“He’s a best friend. Why not?’’ Beasley told Marc Berman of The New York Post, noting it wouldn’t be appropriate to start fantasizing about playing with the Warriors next season. “But right now I’m a New York Knick. So me placing myself on another team during the season is not fair to my guys. Let the summer be the summer.”

“One thing I do think about it is me being tired of moving — having a long-time home,’’ Beasley added. “I don’t want to move anymore.’’

Beasley, an imminent free agent at the end of this season, has played himself back in NBA radars and proven what a capable scoring punch he can dole out when given minutes.

Durant agreed with Beasley’s idea that he’s alongside the likes of LeBron James when it comes to scoring talent.

“I love Beas,’’ Durant said after Tuesday’s game. “I love his family. I love what he’s doing. He never had a fair chance. I said in a comment earlier this year before the season where he said he was just as skilled as LeBron and myself, and I was feeling him on that.

“I was feeling him, because he is. He can score from anywhere. He can score on anybody. He can use both hands, but there’s something else that separates. I think that’s just the difference, the mental part of it. And he’s got the foundation of his game set, it’s just time to build on top of it.”

Yet, to think an already formidable team could get that much better with a legitimate scorer off the bench is almost surreal, but to Beasley — it would be a childhood dream come true.

“All the time before we even thought we could make the NBA,’’ Beasley said. “Before we knew it was a possibility. That’s what best friends do. Talk about the future. Would it be amazing to play with him? One hundred percent. But like I said, I got to fight with my guys.”