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Warriors’ Stephen Curry, Jordan Poole are the perfect Batman and Robin

Stephen Curry, Jordan Poole, Warriors

The NBA has changed so much over the last 15 years, especially when shooting the basketball. What was once a bad shot is considered a great shot in today’s NBA game. Mainly because of the success and admiration teams, players and fans have for Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry.

No player has impacted how you play basketball the way he has, and his teammates benefit from playing alongside the superstar on a nightly basis. However, there is one player on the roster who benefits from it the most.

It’s third-year guard Jordan Poole. He’s having the best season of his career, averaging 18.4 points on 45.8 percent shooting. The boost Poole has given the Warriors offensively this season has been a vital part of their 15-2 start.

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Still, one of the biggest reasons for his success is their MVP candidate Curry. It’s not necessarily because of the advice, or coaching Curry has given him. It’s more so because of the direct influence he has on Poole.

The two players have a tight friendship. Poole even calls Curry his big brother, and what do little brothers do? They mimic and follow the path of the older sibling. That’s what Poole is doing on the basketball court for the Warriors.

Each night Curry steps on the floor, you can expect a show. You might witness a top play of the week after he breaks the ankles of an opponent, or you could see him take his signature logo shot. Poole isn’t as consistent, but when he’s on the floor, you can expect similar outcomes.

Poole has a good handle, and he can shoot it from deep. He’s struggled from three this season, but his confidence never leaves, and it shouldn’t. If Curry, the best shooter ever, can have a shooting slump, so can a young upcoming star. Poole understands that because he sees it first hand.

There have been a few games this season when Curry didn’t have it going, and the player who stepped up the most was Poole. It’s not his job to lead the Warriors, but whenever Curry needs help, Poole has been there. When it comes to the Batman and Robin metaphor Curry and Poole fit it perfectly.

Batman is the leader who has all the skills and knowledge to fight crime and protect Gotham. But he won’t be able to do it forever or alone. That’s why it’s essential to teach Robin the ropes to make sure Gotham is in good hands when he’s gone.

That’s what Curry is attempting with Poole, and it appears to be working. The more successful Curry is, the better for Poole because he gets to learn and observe from the absolute best. Then one day, it will be his turn to lead the way just like Curry.