Warriors super team of Durant, Curry, Thompson, Green comes at huge cost, reportedly over $1.3 billion
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Warriors super team of Durant, Curry, Thompson, Green comes at huge cost, reportedly over $1.3 billion

Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala, Warriors

When the Golden State Warriors put together their super team last summer by adding Kevin Durant to an already stacked core for an investment of over $50 million projected over a two-year span, there are many question marks that remained. While the questions on the court have been answered with their stellar play, one question remains – Is there enough money to go around?

Money is an important issue when making these super teams, and the most important question regarding money would be how the Warriors can sustain four max contracts under one salary cap and still surround themselves with effective role players.

One of the biggest experts in terms of the NBA salary cap and the former New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets assistant GM Bobby Marks actually calculated the supposed cost of the Warriors over the next four years based on the premise of Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry receiving the super-max deals they deserve, while also paying the maximum for Draymond Green and Klay Thompson.

That cost, through salary and luxury tax, comes up to around $1.3 billion over a four-year span, which is an astonishing figure. Also according to Marks himself, the number $1.3 billion is conservative, because in this calculation takes into account Thompson and Green not receiving super-max deals, which they will be eligible for.

This is a pressing issue for the Warriors for many reasons. First of all, it is uncertain as of now whether Steph Curry will take the super-max deal because if he does, he leaves little room for other signings in the summer. A similar situation exists with Durant, who is reportedly considering taking less money so the front office can build a long-lasting Championship team.

Second of all, arena profit and Warriors jersey sales are amongst the best in the league for the Warriors and should provide some financial relief for the significant losses from luxury tax and player salary. Financially, the Warriors team owners may look at the current Warriors dynasty as a short-term financial loss in hopes that the league-wide domination merits long-term financial gain and branding.