Warriors video: Kevin Durant claims he would have joined Dubs even if Thunder won WCF in 2016
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Video: Kevin Durant claims he would have joined Dubs even if Thunder won WCF in 2016

Kevin Durant, Warriors, Thunder

Kevin Durant revealed he was determined to join the Golden State Warriors in 2016, even if the Oklahoma City Thunder had won the Western Conference Finals months before.

Durant joined former teammate Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson on All The Smoke, noting he would have left the Oklahoma City Thunder regardless of the results of his last season there.

“My mind was already thinking about how can I develop my game more so than the Warriors vs. Thunder, that rivalry. Like, even if it was a rivalry, I didn’t give a f**k — I just wanted to keep developing my game, you know what I’m saying,” asked Durant. “They’re a new fresh team, they’re on the rise. I f**k with them.

So me going there, it didn’t matter if [the Thunder] would have won or lost the series. I wanted to play there and live in The Bay.”

Durant’s revelation probably comes at a good time, considering he would have been ripped apart if he had said this shortly after his exit.

Back then, former teammate Russell Westbrook was already fuming at Durant for not even calling him to announce his departure — reportedly only texting him before bolting for Golden State.

Durant’s admission does line up with the same reason he gave nearly four years ago when he said his decision to join the Warriors was to expand his game and improve as a player. During his three-year tenure with the team, Durant became a more dynamic playmaker, an improved weak-side and one-on-one defender, as well as a developed offensive assassin alongside two other elite shooters to help him as part of a juggernaut.

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