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Video: Warriors’ Stephen Curry shares a funny pregame moment with Dell Curry and son Canon

Stephen Curry, Dell Curry, Warriors

Stephen Curry’s son, Canon, was hanging out with Dell Curry before the Golden State Warriors took on the Charlotte Hornets. And the two-time MVP shared a tender moment with them.

Peep the GIF below posted by the NBA featuring Curry eliciting a high-five from his son.

For those not in the loop of Curry’s life outside the basketball court, he and wife Ayesha had a son last July 2, 2018. In a previous report by Kerith Burke of NBCS Sports, Stephen Curry shared that the name ‘Canon’ has been in their minds back when Ayesha was pregnant with their first child. However, when they learned that it was going to be a girl, they named her Riley, then Ryan for their second child.

Curry explained what Canon means, noting that they did a lot of research before coming up with the name. Canon means “officiant of the church” and “young wolf.”

“I like the ingredients of that,” Steph said. “A lot of research. It’s not a dramatic story, but we like the name and the meanings behind it.”

Twenty years down the line, will Canon Curry grace the NBA like his grandfather and father? Only time will tell. But we can definitely say that he has the sharpshooter’s blood running through him.