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Roger Goodell doubles down on Washington Football Team investigation decision

Washington Football Team, Roger Goodell, Washington Football Team investigation

On Tuesday, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell stood firm on his stance of not releasing information to the public regarding the investigation into Daniel Snyder and the Washington Football Team.

Goodell noted wanting to protect those who came forward during the investigation into the Washington Football Team and Snyder. Per ESPN, it doesn’t sound like he’ll be changing his mind.

“We’re very conscious of making sure we’re protecting those who came forward,” Goodell said after six hours of NFL owners meetings in midtown Manhattan. “That was a very high priority.”

Some believe Goodell is just avoiding the release of the findings to protect Snyder and other NFL owners. Him veering the other direction by saying they are protecting those who came forward makes it appear as though he is being noble with the decision.

As it pertains to Daniel Snyder and the Washington Football Team, Goodell believes he has been held accountable.

“I do think he’s been held accountable,” Goodell said of Daniel Snyder. “More importantly, steps were put in place to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

What’s very interesting about Goodell’s decision is that two former Washington Football Team employees went to the NFL owners meetings and asked for the findings to be made public, per ESPN.

“While your working group was formed to address issues of racial justice in the league, you also have the ability to seek justice for the hundreds of women and men, such as us, who bravely came forward to share stories of harassment and abuse we experienced while employees of the Washington Football Team. The NFL should not be allowed to encourage employees to come forward at great personal and professional risk to speak to investigators, only to sweep the results of that investigation under the rug.”

It’ll be intriguing to see if Goodell ignores this or tries to find another avenue to wiggle out of any backlash.