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Jacob Eason, Colts, Patriots

Washington QB Jacob Eason could be a great project for the Colts in the second round

The Indianapolis Colts could be in the market for a quarterback this offseason and Washington Huskies standout Jacob Eason could make a lot of sense. At 6-foot-6 and 227 pounds, Eason looks like the prototypical NFL quarterback, and his play on the field matches his body. He has a strong arm that helps him make all the throws, including deep passes down the field into tight windows.

Thedraftnetwork.com gave the following review of Eason.

Big, strong-armed quarterback who can make every throw in the book. Effortless arm talent. Changes the speed on his throws really well. Has the fastball in his toolbox to zip throws to receivers in tight windows… while also having the touch to drop throws into a bucket over a defender. Shows flashes of excellent ball placement at all three levels of the field. Uncanny pocket presence. Poise and demeanor under pressure is like an NFL veteran. Adept at making pre and post-snap adjustments. Stands tall in traffic and will deliver a strike with someone in his face. Moves really well for his size. Not a statue in the pocket at all.

Eason doesn’t have a lot of cons surrounding his game, but the biggest one has to be consistency. There were still games with the Huskies where he struggled and in the NFL that isn’t something that can happen. He needs to work on consistency so there aren’t as many lows.

He has also dealt with knee injuries during his college career and it’s something that NFL teams need to be aware of. It might also be enough for some teams to take them off his draft board completely.

So why should the Colts select him?

The Colts have Jacoby Brissett under contract, but they can move on from him this offseason, and it doesn’t seem like the team is really sold on him being the long-term option. The best part of his contract is they can bring him back for one season, have him be a mentor for Eason for one year, and then move on from him.

It probably makes a lot of sense for Eason to sit at least one season to try and get adjusted to the NFL before throwing him to the Wolves.

The number one priority this season for the Colts should be putting a long-term plan in place at quarterback and that could include drafting Eason early in April’s draft.