What every major NBA 2017 retired player is doing now as a profession
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What every major player who retired last season is doing now

As we head into 2018, the NBA is ushering in a new generation of players. NBA superstars that used to play with Michael Jordan such as Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett have all called it quits in their respective playing careers. Now, players like LeBron James and Dwayne Wade are the new NBA veterans, while the new rookies coming in seem to be getting younger every year.

Now, it’s the time to look back and see how last year’s retired players are fairing today. Here are the things that each recent retiree is doing now. Here is a friendly warning. Some of these facts just may shock you.

Matt Barnes

Matt Barnes

Kelley L Cox/USA TODAY Sports

Many people remember Matt Barnes as violent enforcer in the NBA, but he has had memorable times in his career. Last year, Barnes was picked up by the Golden State Warriors, and he won a title with the team in the summer. He was a decent player, but he never really played well enough to etch himself him the memories of fans. Recently, Matt Barnes announced his retirement from the NBA on Instagram after 14 seasons. The Golden State Warriors dropped him from their roster in the summer, so everyone figured that his retirement was inevitable anyway.

matt barnes

Gary Dineen/Getty Images

Do you want to know what Matt Barnes is doing now? The answer isn’t all that surprising. Barnes has recently stated that he wants to become a billionaire by the age of 50. Therefore, we can assume that he is putting all his concentration on that. Becoming a billionaire is not easy. It took Michael Jordan over 20 years to do it after his final season with the Bulls, and Barnes only has 13 years to make it happen. If this is what he is doing after his retirement, then all we can do is wish him the best of luck.


James Jones

james jones

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

James Jones, affectionately known as “Champ”, has been the counterpart of LeBron James since his days on the early Cleveland Cavaliers squad. Since then, James Jones has made seven straight Finals appearances, and has won three NBA titles. He will forever be known as LeBron’s friend and sidekick, even after he announced his retirement last season. Following his retirement, Jones was congratulated by LeBron James himself, the entire Cleveland Cavaliers squad, and players around the NBA. Jones was so popular in his playing days, he was immediately offered a vice president role by the Phoenix Suns.

LeBron James

Now, Jones serves as the VP, and special assist to Ryan McDonough who is the general manager of the Suns. It’s great to see former NBA players finding something to do once their playing career is over. With this position, Jones can build a resume as a front office executive down the line. He can actually learn a thing or two from McDonough, and hopefully become a general manager himself down the road. Interestingly, Jones has put himself in a position to operate NBA teams from behind the scenes. Someday, Jones may even become the GM of LeBron James if he can play his cards right.

Tayshaun Prince

Tayshaun Prince, grizzlies

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

According to Basketball Reference, Tayshaun Prince is a NBA Champion with the great 2004 Detroit Pistons team. He is a 4-time All Defensive team selection, and one of the most versatile forwards in the NBA during his prime. Prince played his last season for the Memphis Grizzlies in 2016, but he floated around for about a year looking for work. Unfortunately, Prince couldn’t land a spot on a NBA roster, so he retired early in the 2016-2017 season, marking the end of a solid NBA career.

Reggie Jackson, Stan Van Gundy, Andre Drummond

AP Photo/Paul Sancya

Now, Tayshaun Prince has joined the Memphis Grizzlies front office as a special assistant to the Memphis Grizzlies’ general manager. While he isn’t in the same position as James Jones, Prince has a stable NBA job that will keep him secure in the the foreseeable future. This may even be the start to something great, considering that most GM assistants become general managers later in their careers. Soon, Tayshaun Prince may even become the GM for the Detroit Pistons, the team he has played for and loved for a bulk of his career.

Metta World Peace

Metta World Peace

Harry How/Getty Images

Metta World Peace will always be remembered not for what he has done on the court, but for all of his violent past. He will be remembered for accumulating the longest suspension in NBA history (86 total games) for his role in the infamous Malice in the Palace rumble some time ago. Metta World Peace has constantly denied retirement rumors, but it appears now that World Peace is done in the NBA.

World Peace isn’t a member of the Los Angeles Lakers’ roster anymore, but he is the player development coach for the South Bay Lakers, the L.A Lakers’ G-League affiliate team. It’s shocking that World Peace is now a coach, but everyone deserves a second chance. Hopefully he can teach players how to avoid the same mistakes he made during his playing career.

metta world peace

Allen Einstein/Getty Images

All in all, all of these NBA players have transcended their playing careers and are doing well in their future endeavors. Hopefully, each of these players will stick close to basketball in the future.

Paul Pierce

Paul Pierce

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Paul Piece, or the Truth, is known for his legendary career with the Boston Celtics. In fact, he was so admired by the Celtics, they signed him right after he was released from the Clippers, thereby enabling him to retire as a Celtic. Paul Pierce will always be remembered as a Celtic great and folk hero, who brought the Celtics back on the map with their 17th championship in 2008. Pierce has had an extraordinary career, which is one that he can proudly look back on.

Paul Pierce

Getty Images

Now, Paul Piece works for ESPN as a full-time analyst. He normally appears on NBA countdown on ABC and ESPN, giving his quirky comments about games and the state of the NBA. Pierce has actually had a knack for broadcasting, making some appearances on “The Jump” some years ago. Yet, no one knew that the Truth would actually consider a analyst position. Even so, he is doing well co-starring with other former NBA players such as Jalen Rose and Chauncey Billups. Pierce may be living the retirement life, but it doesn’t seem like he is ready to give up on basketball just yet.