With rumors swirling of huge announcements inbound, and without much advertisement outside YouTube, asking when the Video Game Awards 2020 will go down isn’t a shameful query. This is especially true if you’re an old, washed person like myself.

When Is The Video Game Awards 2020: December 10 at 7:00 PM Eastern

Obviously, the entire global pandemic thing is putting a damper on this year’s event, preventing a live audience from being in attendance. That doesn’t mean, however, people shouldn’t get all hot and bothered about what’s in store.

There’s plenty of speculation going around about the event, but a few notable people are expected to show up out of nowhere. The biggest of the bunch is Hideo Kojima, who has a love-hate relationship with not only the show, but also a few publishers. That being said, it’s being rumored (heavy emphasis on it being a rumor and not a report) that there’s a chance he shows up to help announce his continuation with Silent Hills.

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For those somehow unaware, Kojima was previously attached to the project, even releasing the PT demo, several years ago, but that was before his relationship with Konami failed under the weight of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (and numerous other things).

Silent Hills was all but dead, but if these rumors are true, Sony apparently stepped in to help bridge the gap between the creative genius and the publisher.

Oddly enough, this comes on the heels of another huge (and only alleged) leak: That Metal Gear Solid is getting a remake/remaster from the same folk who did a marvelous job with Demon Souls. If this rumor is true, though, people shouldn’t expect an announcement at the Video Game Awards 2020. Rather, according to Internet scuttlebutt, Sony is waiting a year to help ruin whatever Microsoft has cooked up for 2021.

Nonetheless, no need to get overly wordy here. We answered your “When Is The Video Game Awards 2020” question. For those wondering where they can watch it, the Geoff Keighley hosted show will be available on numerous platforms to live stream.