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Hassan Whiteside celebrated his new contract by going to the zoo

The new face of the Miami Heat franchise continues to entertain when asked just about any question.

Hassan Whiteside already has a deep collection of memorable quotes. Whether it was his oblivious nature regarding media members when he first came to the league, mentioning his desire to up his NBA 2K rating in a post-game interview, or providing fans with a particularly entertaining Snapchat experience, Whiteside is always good for some smiles.

So how did the 27-year-old celebrate his first big NBA contract?

Apparently, he also bought a Rolls-Royce, according to his Snapchat.

Good on Whiteside buying his mom a house though. He’s clearly of the giving mold, as he was also reportedly willing to sacrifice $9 million to help the Heat sign Kevin Durant.

It’s been a good summer for Whiteside. The 59.8 percent career free throw shooter can also smile about the NBA’s movement two days ago toward limiting the “Hack-a-Shaq” tactic. That might make all those zeros at the end of his paycheck more valuable for Miami.

Whiteside embodies the modern center as well as anyone in the league. He gobbles up rebounds at a high rate, swats shots better than just about anyone, and inhales lobs thrown anywhere within five-to-seven feet of the cylinder. All of that, and he’s an entertaining dude off the court.

Have fun at the zoo, Hassan.

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