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Why a trade for Antonio Brown should be a no-brainer for the New York Jets

Antonio Brown, Jets

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown has requested a trade, and the New York Jets should jump at the opportunity despite reports that the franchise is not interested.

With the Buffalo Bills’ trade falling through for AB, the package another franchise will have to give up for him has likely decreased. While the Jets seem to be content with adding other pieces to the roster in free agency and the draft, this isn’t an opportunity that comes around very often.

Brown is 30 years old and still one of the better receivers in the game. Outside of that, he brings experience to a young quarterback. The Jets took Sam Darnold third overall in last year’s NFL draft and he is the future of the franchise. Getting him someone who has worked with one of the greats like Ben Roethlisberger can only help the situation.

Veteran presence removed, Darnold just needs weapons around him. Brown is a star and stars will help their investment in Darnold look better. Beyond that, the fans need something to get excited about. Having a young quarterback is great, but a 4-12 season is not, especially after a Week 1 beatdown of the Detroit Lions.

Despite the Jets’ poor record, Darnold showed flashes of brilliance that demonstrate why New York moved up to get him.

The argument will go that the Jets need to hold on to their assets and invest in the future. It is a good strategy, after all, rebuilds are all the rage in sports right now. The counterargument to the rebuilding philosophy is simple. New York knows what they are getting with Brown, but they do not know what they will get in a draft. The fear of the unknown should be strong, especially when the known is arguably the best receiver in the game today.

There is also a question of culture. Brown couldn’t get along with a future Hall of Famer throwing the ball to him, albeit he has his reasons. That is a fair assessment. The ultimate question is, would he be worth the potential headache? Look at his numbers, yes he would.

Maybe it would not be a perfect fit, but it would instantly improve a team that finished 4-12. The Steelers no longer have the leverage, but they also have their second unhappy superstar in a season’s time. Beating out the New England Patriots for the AFC East crown is unlikely, but a Wild Card berth isn’t crazy.

The Jets are already without their second round pick this year. So, despite what was said earlier about question marks in the draft, price will be an issue. So, this becomes a “for the right price” scenario.

Without question, Brown improves the Jets. It becomes a matter of if the Jets want to pay for Brown. He would certainly make it worth the cost with what he’d add to a New York offense that needs to put up points in a big way to make their mark in the AFC in the 2019 season.