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Why DK Metcalf is the main X-factor for the Seahawks in Week 5 against the Rams

DK Metcalf, Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks drafted DK Metcalf in the second round of April’s draft. Viewed as one of the best receiving prospects, Metcalf fell to Seattle and it was viewed as a steal. So far, the Seahawks have not used the rookie that much.

Metcalf had four catches in his debut but his production has dropped by one catch in each game. He has 10 catches for 223 yards and one touchdown in his first four games as a pro. Metcalf is 6’3, 229 pounds. He is a physical freak and it showed in a picture that went viral over the summer in the gym.

The Seahawks will face the Los Angeles Rams in Week 5. The Rams can score the ball but they tend to give up points. The Seahawks will have to score to keep up and they can do this by getting Metcalf involved.

The Seahawks have not been using Metcalf much. He saw a reduced role in Week 4 in terms of snap counts. Metcalf has run a route from the right side just once this season and they have been north-south routes. Basically, Seattle is sending Metcalf upfield in hopes of him getting loose deep or win a jump ball. This does not give the rookie much of a chance to be productive.

Yes, the Seahawks have Tyler Lockett as their No. 1. They have been leaning on Chris Carson in the run game and Will Dissly has emerged as a true threat at tight end. Seattle has weapons but Metcalf must get targeted.

The Seahawks will need to score points to beat the Rams. Going in, the Rams know that Baldwin and Carson are the top threats, outside of Russell Wilson of course. So who is left? The Seahawks need to game plan to get their monstrous rookie involved. Metcalf is a talented receiver who can run more routes then just a straight line.

Metcalf was held to just one catch for six yards against the Arizona Cardinals. The Seahawks did not have to do anything spectacular to win that game but they will need to fool some defenders in order to win this one.

This is not to say that Metcalf will have a big game but if by some chance he does, Seattle will put some points on the board.