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Jameis Winston, Bears

Why Jameis Winston to the Chicago Bears makes perfect sense

It seems like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are going to move on from Jameis Winston this offseason, and when that happens, the Chicago Bears should strongly consider bringing him in. The Bears have said they are sticking by Mitchell Trubisky, but that could be a big mistake, unless somehow he can take a big step forward this offseason.

Let’s break down some reasons why Winston to the Bears make a lot of sense.

Winston shouldn’t be super expensive

There are a lot of free agent quarterbacks this offseason, so chances are it’s not going to take a big-time, free agent deal to get him to sign with the Bears. Winston still has a lot to prove, which will work out in the Bears favor.

Signing Winston to a one-year deal, even if it’s worth $10 or $12 million makes a lot of sense. If it works out, they have their long-term quarterback, and if it doesn’t work, they are only out some money.

Trubisky isn’t the answer

Everyone around the Bears tried to lift up Trubisky, but internally, there is not a chance the team actually believes he is the guy to lead the team to the Super Bowl.

According to playerprofiler.com, a “money throw” is defined as a pass requiring exceptional skill as well as throws executed in clutch moments.

Trubisky had only nine of those throws during the 2019 season, which ranked 26th in football. His adjusted yards per attempt were 5.5 which ranked 31st in the NFL.¬†There is always a chance Trubisky could improve this offseason, but he hasn’t done it yet, so why would it be different now.

Winston is a dynamic quarterback

One of the big issues for Trubisky is his lack of taking chances. A lot of the times he looks for a check-down instead of looking for a big throw down the field.

One thing Winston has never been afraid to do is push the ball down the field and take chances. Sometimes he takes too many chances, but at least he isn’t afraid to do it.

During the 2019 season, Winston completed 60 percent of his passes for 5,109 yards, 33 touchdowns, and 30 interceptions. The interceptions are a big issue, but even if he could cut down the interceptions by 10, that could make him a franchise quarterback.

There really isn’t much risk, the worst thing that could happen is it pushes Trubisky to get better.