Why Johnny Manziel is exactly what the XFL needs
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Why Johnny Manziel is exactly what the XFL needs

Johnny Manziel, XFL

The XFL is off and running. As people are tuning in to Week 3, it’s safe to say the league is doing pretty solid, but it could do better with Johnny Manziel.

People have been interested. They love a lot of the rules and have already built strong allegiances to teams. Players are turning into league stars and things are starting to get pretty fun.

As teams and players start to separate themselves from the pack though, it’s clear that more could still be done.

Yes, things are going well through three weeks, but this is still in “start-up” territory. They could be looking good this week, and be in serious trouble by Week 6.

So more star power definitely wouldn’t hurt. And that’s where Manziel comes in.

Look, I’m not saying Manziel is a superstar on the field. In fact, he’s had a ton of issues off the field. Maybe he doesn’t even deserve another chance. The XFL should give it to him though.

Why? It’s simple, he’s a star.

Again, not exactly a star on the field. Maybe he can be again like he was in College. But as of now, that’s not the case.

The kind of star Johnny Manziel is, is one that brings eyes to him. People are interested in the quarterback. They want to see how he’s going to perform, what he’s going to say, what he’s going to do and everything in between.

We’ve seen the interviews mid-game and the post game shotgunning of beers. Now imagine those with Manziel. You thought they were already electric? Crank that up to 11 like this is a Spinal Tap concert.

Manziel will get more eyes on the product. He’s a polarizing figure. There are countless people that want to see him succeed, and countless that want to see him fail. And there are some that just want to see him.

The common thing though? They’ll all tune in.

This isn’t just something that is exclusive to Manziel. There are other names that could bring eyes. Who wouldn’t be interested to see Colin Kaepernick or Tim Tebow playing? What about Terrell Owens or Chad Johnson (Ochocinco) lacing them up again?

There are a lot of stars the XFL should consider. Perhaps no realistic option is more intriguing than Manziel though. He would bring the most eyes to the game.

His personality would bring for some great sound clips and his skills could bring some great highlights too. Both are things that will only make people more interested to watch.

Manziel probably wouldn’t even be the superstar of the league. It’s unlikely he would come in and be the best player on the field at any time.

He would be the most popular though. The most known and the most talked about. Johnny Manziel would be the most intriguing. And that gives the XFL more life.