Why the Rams should consider trading for Kenyan Drake amid Todd Gurley's struggles
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Why the Rams should consider trading for Kenyan Drake amid Todd Gurley’s struggles

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It doesn’t seem like the Miami fire sale is over just yet. With news that the team might be interested in moving on from running back Kenyan Drake, who is in the last year of his rookie contract, the Dolphins are getting rid of the last bit of talent left on the team’s roster.

Miami’s loss should be Los Angeles’ gain as the Rams should heavily consider acquiring the fourth year running back. With Gurley’s reduced touches and production seeming to be permanent, the Rams could use Drake to pick up Gurley’s slack.

The Rams have two other capable backs on their roster meaning they shouldn’t give up a lot to get Drake but having another staring caliber back behind Gurley would not hurt.

The Rams are averaging 40 rushing yards fewer per game compared to last season. Malcolm Brown has done a fine job in his backup role and Darrell Henderson Jr. just came onto the scene this past week, but the Rams have the opportunity to get a player back that could give them that explosion once again.

Drake gained more than 1,000 all-purpose yards last season and has the ability to match Gurley’s versatility in catching balls out of the backfield. While he isn’t Gurley, he’s the closest thing the Rams can get in terms of trying to get a player that can help match last year’s production out of the backfield.

For a team that ranked third in rushing yards last season, dropping to 22nd should be a wake-up call that they need help at that position. With Gurley out last week and Brown doubtful for this Sunday’s game against Atlanta, any injuries to their running backs are crucial for a team that rotates them in and out.

Drake would also add depth to a position that desperately needs it. He provides large insurance in terms of stepping in if any one of the Rams running backs is unable to go and take the pressure off Jared Goff who has struggled without the presence of a dominant rushing attack.

A trade could help the Rams get back to where they were last year in addition to putting Goff and other Rams back into positions where they feel comfortable and can succeed. The Rams already acquired the biggest name on the trade market in Jalen Ramsey, but if they truly want to go all-in, trading for Drake could be a key piece in sending them to Miami in early February.