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Why the Sixers, Pistons must consider an Al Horford-Blake Griffin trade

Could the Philadelphia 76ers and Detroit Pistons entertain a Blake Griffin for Al Horford trade?

The Sixers’ season came to a stumbling halt after getting swept by the Boston Celtics in the first round of the NBA playoffs. Brett Brown was basically fired before he got back to his hotel room, and the Sixers are looking to make big moves to revamp this roster.

On the Locked On Pistons Podcast, host Matt Schoch suggested a trade that could help both Philly and the Pistons by swapping two players with massive contracts.

Matt Schoch: What about a Horford for Griffin trade? It’s two poison pill contracts, two quote-unquote untradeable contracts. I got enough grief from both Pistons and 76ers fans so I think it’s a good idea because they didn’t want the other one.

I think Blake Griffin, if you’re Elton Brand, you can sell that to your fanbase. ‘If this guy gets healthy, he helps this team win.’ Griffin’s contract is shorter even though it’s more money.

The Pistons will take on two more years of Al Horford as opposed to the two years left on Blake Griffin’s deal. However, [the Pistons] are saving about $10 million per season this summer and next summer. So, you have a little bit more of a cushion. Like I said, you’re taking on that extra year. It’s about the same amount of future money you’re invested into each of these guys.

You get the same quality locker room presence in Al Horford and Blake Griffin. And I think if you’re the Pistons in a position of strength, you can get the 76ers to throw in more assets on a deal, whether that’s young players. I don’t think Thybulle… he’s too good and too good of an asset to squeeze into that deal. Maybe throw in Derrick Rose and Blake Griffin to get Matisse Thybulle.

It makes a little bit of sense to me, something I just wanted to throw out there.

Elton Brand has already indicated that he’s not looking to trade either Ben Simmons or Joel Embiid, but maybe sending Horford to Detroit for Griffin could be the big move that he needs to set the Sixers back on track.