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Wizards’ Austin Rivers doesn’t want to say why he’s struggling

The Washington Wizards have been horrendous this season, and Austin Rivers is just one of the many players that have struggled in the nation’s capital.

Rivers is averaging 7.1 points, 2.2 rebounds and 1.8 assists in 23.4 minutes per game. He’s also only shooting 31.6 percent from deep. He doesn’t get as much playing time as he got last season with the Los Angeles Clippers, and it’s showing that he’s nowhere near as efficient. He burst onto the college scene as a volume shooter and serious scoring threat, but he appears to have lost his confidence. When asked about what has caused the change in his mentality, he couldn’t come up with a valid excuse.

“That’s a great question. I can’t answer that for you,” Rivers told The Athletic. “If I say something, I’m gonna get in trouble. [I’ll] figure it out. I’m gonna have to figure it out.”

It’s unclear whether or not the coaching staff is what’s behind this new Austin Rivers. Perhaps the hierarchy of the Wizards won’t allow him to try and take over. Nevertheless, the result is bad for Rivers and his new team.

The last time Rivers averaged under eight points was 2014. He averaged double digits in each of his last two seasons with the Clippers. He’s definitely capable of being more productive, and some mysterious force is stopping him from voicing his opinions.

The Wizards are second to last in the Eastern Conference, sitting just above the Cleveland Cavaliers. They have two All-Star caliber players in John Wall and Bradley Beal, which gives them more than enough to be competitive. If Rivers can find a groove, maybe his 3-9 team can find some traction and get back into the playoff race.