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Wizards’ Bradley Beal actually took less than max extension, but received perks in exchange

Wizards, Bradley Beal

Bradley Beal’s two-year, $72 million extension with the Wizards is actually $3 million less than the projected max, but he took that shaving gladly in exchange for some neat perks in a deal with the Washington Wizards.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski and Bobby Marks, the pact, which will start during the 2021-22 season (once his current deal has expired) will offer salary advances, a player option in 2022-23 that he can choose to decline for a 35% max deal, a 15% trade kicker, and a player option that he can choose to exercise early to apply his trade bonus.

Beal’s new deal has some unique quirks to it, allowing Beal to net as much as $6-9 million is bonuses, as Marks explains here:

“The guard also has unique language when it comes to the player option in 2022-23. From when the extension is signed and until June 2023, Beal can decline or exercise the option. Because a player option is excluded when factoring in the value of the trade bonus at the time of the trade, opting-in to the last year would increase the bonus owed. The trade kicker could range between $6-9M.”

Beal is not eligible to be traded until after this upcoming season since the first year of his extension is greater than 5% from his 2020-21 salary. The Wizards star shooting guard will also receive a 50% advance of the $34.5 million he will make in 2021-22 and the $37.3 million for 2022-23 (shall he choose to opt-in) salary up front once the extension begins.

One caveat of this though, is that by taking this extension is that Beal will also be bypassing the chance for a supermax extension with the Wizards if he earns All-NBA, MVP or DPOY in either of next two seasons.

The All-Star guard currently has two-years left at $27.1 million for 2019-20 and $28.75 million for 2020-21 on the original five-year, $127 million max contract he signed with the team in 2016.