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CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and John King hilariously announce Wizards’ schedule

Wizards, John Wall, Russell Westbrook

The Washington Wizards’ social media team deserves a raise after using CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and John King to help them announce their schedule for the upcoming season.

Take a look as Blitzer and King channeled their inner election flow to reveal the team’s schedule for the 2020-21 season.

This is just fantastic stuff right here from the Wizards’ digital team. Fans of the club are still trying to get over the John Wall trade. Hopefully, this bit from Wolf Blitzer and John King will help ease the pain a little bit.

Washington will be led by All-Stars Russell Westbrook and Bradley Beal this upcoming season, two of the best scorers in the NBA. Westbrook is a triple-double machine who won the 2017 MVP award with the Oklahoma City Thunder, while Beal was second in the NBA in scoring last season, trailing only Houston Rockets superstar guard James Harden.

Can Washington make the playoffs in the Eastern Conference with Beal and Westbrook leading the way? That’s the question every Wizards fan is asking themselves right now. It’s going to be fascinating to see if Beal and Westbrook can co-exist on the court and lead the DC franchise back to the postseason.

The Wizards haven’t seen playoff basketball since 2018.

Westbrook, who has worn number 0 with the Thunder and Rockets, will don number 4 with the Wizards.