Wizards news: John Wall, Bradley Beal on the unfortunate effect of recent players only meeting
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John Wall, Bradley Beal say players-only meeting was counterproductive

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The Washington Wizards are currently sitting in fifth place in the Eastern Conference with a 26-20 record. At their current state, the team from the nation’s capital is far from being a viable championship contender, which is far from the initial expectations when John Wall, Bradley Beal, and co. opened the season.

In an article by Candace Buckner for the Washington Post, the Wizards scheduled a team meeting to discuss the state of the team. Apparently, the meeting didn’t go well according to John Wall and Bradley Beal.

“We had our team meeting,” Wall said, as reported by the Washington Post’s Candace Buckner. “A couple guys took it the negative way and it hurt our team. Instead of taking it in a positive way like we did in the past and using it to build our team up, it kind of set us back a little bit.”

Beal appeared to have a similar take on how the team meeting went down, and he says that the entire process was somewhat pointless.

“Honestly, it was probably … I won’t say pointless,” Beal said. “But we didn’t accomplish what we needed to accomplish in that meeting.”

The Wizards have been fairly inconsistent this year. In some games, they appear to be Eastern Conference contenders with the brilliant play of their talented backcourt duo of Wall and Beal. However, on some nights, they simply lack the effort to win games. Jason Smith seems to credit the Wizards’ frustration to this inconsistency and not because of the botched team meeting.

“I don’t think it was the team meeting that kind of created any dysfunction,” he said. “I just think that we had that trouble this year overall.”

The Wizards take on the Dallas Mavericks on Monday night. Hopefully, the Wizards get back on track and prove that they are among the Eastern Conference’s elite.