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Kelly Oubre not worried about potential loss to Joel Embiid’s Sixers — ‘maybe it’ll get my followers up’

Losing to the Philadelphia 76ers has become somewhat of a risk.

Not because the 76ers are a bad team (they’re not) or they’re so good that losing is a foregone conclusion (it’s coming).

No. It’s because Joel Embiid might clown you on his Twitter page, like has so many players and teams this season already.

But Kelly Oubre of the Washington Wizards isn’t worried about that. Oddly enough, it may actually be good for his brand, per Candace Buckner of the Washington Post.

The Wizards face the 76ers today. Both teams are going into the matchup with similar records.

Embiid has made a habit of trolling NBA teams and players on Twitter. On their recent trip to Los Angeles, the 76ers beat both the Lakers and the Clippers, and took to Twitter afterwards.

Even in losses, Embiid makes jokes. The 76ers recently blew a lead to the Golden State Warriors in a loss, and made a 3-1 lead joke.

So far, The Process has worked out quite well for Embiid, who’s had a breakout season thus far. The Process also seems to include occasional jabs at his NBA contemporaries.

But that’s what makes Embiid — and those who respond to him — so fun to follow. Oubre’s comments were all in good fun and in the spirit of the game.

That’s all Embiid ever really wants to do — have fun. And if Oubre or anyone else gets some Twitter followers out of it, that probably doesn’t hurt.