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Last 2 Minute Report says Rodney McGruder fouled Otto Porter before Kelly Olynyk’s game-winner

Kelly Olynyk, Rodney McGruder, Otto Porter, Wizards

In their first game of the season, the Washington Wizards lost a close game to the Miami Heat at home, 113-112. Kelly Olynyk provided the game-winning putback for the Heat after getting the offensive rebound off a Dwyane Wade miss.

As if adding salt to the Wizards’ wound, the NBA’s Last Two Minute Report said Rodney McGruder should have been called for a loose ball foul before the Olynyk basket.

It’s nice to see the transparency from the NBA officials regarding the blown call, but this doesn’t mean much as it won’t change the actual result. The Wizards would surely prefer to have that call made at that actual moment, but instead they find themselves 0-1 on the season after a disappointing loss.

There has been some controversy around these Last Two Minute Reports, as it seems the referees get thrown under the bus, especially when the report contains some missed calls. Also, missed calls are a part of the game and occur throughout the whole duration of the game, not just in the last two minutes. And while the intention of having a report like this is good, teams like the Wizards won’t really care much regarding these reports unless it actually does something to affect the result.