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Wizards’ Russell Westbrook actually got Gilbert Arenas’ blessing to wear number 0

Russell Westbrook, Gilbert Arenas, Wizards

Out of respect for Washington Wizards great Gilbert Arenas, Russell Westbrook earlier confirmed that he will wear No. 4 instead of his usual number 0 when he moves to DC in the 2020-21 season.

Agent Zero himself, however, doesn’t seem to mind lending his previous jersey number to the Wizards’ newest superstar point guard. Arenas responded to an Instagram post about Westbrook’s move and gave his blessing to Brodie on Thursday.

While a lot of NBA players don the no.0 these days, it was Gilbert Arenas who actually popularized that choice during his seven-year stint with the Wizards from 2003 to 2010. The 3-time All-Star once revealed that he wore that number to signify the number of minutes that experts predicted he would play in the big leagues.

The Wizards, meanwhile, appeared like they unofficially retired that number since no one has used it ever since they shipped Arenas to the Orlando Magic 10 years ago.

But as great as Agent Zero was for them all those years, a jersey retirement ceremony with the Wizards might not be in the books for him anytime soon. Arenas was indeed one of the most explosive scorers the league has ever seen in his prime, but his legacy will always be tarnished by that unfortunate firearms incident in 2009.

Russell Westbrook, meanwhile, has yet to address Arenas’ comments but he’ll likely stick to that No. 4 jersey. The Houston Rockets traded Westbrook to the Wizards after just one season with the team, in exchange for John Wall and a first-round pick.

While that blockbuster trade has received mixed reviews among Wizards fans so far, looks like Agent Zero is on board with Westbrook’s arrival.

John Wall was a very popular member of the Wizards, someone who made a meaningful and memorable impact on the community in Washington, D.C. Wall will remain in the hearts of Wizards fans, but this Agent Zero connection will smooth the path for Russell Westbrook.