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Wizards star Russell Westbrook going down as ‘second-best’ point guard ever, per Scott Brooks

Russell Westbrook, Wizards, Magic Johnson, Steve Nash, Chris Paul, John Stockton

Monday night’s matchup between the Washington Wizards and the Indiana Pacers featured another remarkable performance from Russell Westbrook. After the game, Wizards coach Scott Brooks had already run out of superlatives for his star so he decided to just declare Russ as the GOAT point guard — the second greatest that is.

Brooks was so impressed by Westbrook’s 14-point, 21-rebound, 24-assist triple-double that he just had to praise Russ with perhaps his biggest compliment ever:

“I used to always say he’s going to probably go down as the third-best point guard ever, but I think he’s passed one and he’s going to go down as probably the second-best. One is obviously Magic [Johnson]. What he does, there’s no point guard that has ever done it. Nobody. Nobody,” Brooks said, via NBC Washington.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to see him for eight years do a lot of things that are pretty much superhuman at times. Point guards don’t do what he does. They aren’t built that way,” Brooks said.

Brooks no longer went into detail as to who he believes Westbrook just passed as the second-best point guard of all time. However, he did make it abundantly clear that the great Magic Johnson is still the GOAT point guard in his mind.

Brooks, who reunited with Westbrook in Washington this season after coaching him for eight years with the Oklahoma City Thunder, wasn’t done. He heaped further praise on the Wizards superstar:

“There might be some that shoot better, there might be some that probably can do certain things better,” Brooks added. “But there’s nobody in the history of the game that can do what he does throughout the stat sheet. That guy is as high as level of a player this league has ever seen.”

Based on what Westbrook has been doing this past few weeks/months, we have to say that we agree with this assessment one hundred percent.