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Russell Westbrook hilariously takes over for Scott Brooks as Wizards coach

Russell Westbrook Scott Brooks Wizards

Though he may not always be able to hit an outside jumper consistently, it turns out Washington Wizards star Russell Westbrook can in fact, coach.

Sitting out the Wizards’ preseason game against the Brooklyn Nets, so as to avoid playing in back-to-back games, the high-energy point guard was not content simply sitting along the sidelines for the match. Brodie hilariously took the clipboard from head coach Scott Brooks to put his own imprint on the game.

By the look of it, there appeared to be little chance Brooks was getting the board back from the infamously stubborn guard:

Acquired by the Wizards only two weeks ago from the Rockets, in a deal that sent former top draft pick John Wall to Houston, Westbrook’s arrival in DC has been largely criticized given the apparent ill-fit of the former MVP with guard Bradley Beal. Though it is not yet clear if the partnership will bear fruit and propel the franchise back into postseason contention, Westbrook has been outspoken in his desire to play a complimentary role next to Beal.

Despite his popularity with former teammates, Russ has received criticism in the past over his unwillingness to adjust his game as play demands. Intent on shooting from long range, regardless of his horrendous field goal numbers from deep, the Rockets were forced to implement extremely small lineups last season, in the hope of better facilitating action around Westbrook. Jettisoned from Houston not long after, the adjustment made by the Rockets has been seen as an indictment against the point guard, and the difficulty apparent in building around him.

Given a fresh start in Washington, it’s clear Westbrook is trying to make the most of it. Whether the era of good feelings continues however, is yet to be seen.

The Wizards would eventually fall in the game to the Nets, 114-119. Russ might need to adjust his plays a bit.