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Russell Westbrook reveals dislocated finger in Sixers loss

Russell Westbrook Wizards

Apart from taking another L on Wednesday, Washington Wizards superstar Russell Westbrook said he also got hurt against the Philadelphia 76ers during their showdown at Wells Fargo Center Philadelphia.

“I dislocated my finger. We’ll see.  “S— hurt. I’ll be alright,” Westbrook said post-game, per Chase Hughes of NBC Sports. 

Russ put on another all-around performance for Washington, scattering Westbrook had 20 points, 12 assists, eight rebounds, three steals, and one block. He did, however, turn the ball over six times and continues to draw flak for the Wizards’ poor 2-6 start this season.

The Wizards are already taking a cautious approach with their newly-acquired superstar, opting to sit him out from back-to-back games. Washington will figure in consecutive matches against the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat this coming weekend. Westbrook’s injury increases the likelihood that he will indeed be on the sidelines for at least one game.

Westbrook, himself, said he has no idea if the injury will cause him to miss some time off,

 “I don’t have an answer for that. The game just finished 30 minutes ago. I have no idea.”

Brodie, meanwhile, is averaging a triple-double at the beginning of his Wizards career, tallying 20.5 points, 11.8 assists, and 10.7 rebounds on 39.5 percent shooting from the field. Those numbers, however, have been deemed as empty stats by some due to Westbrook’s inability to carry his team to more wins. So far, Washington is 1-5 in the games that Westbrook played and have gone 1-1 without him. Their first win of the season also happened with Westbrook out of the lineup.

We’re still at the early stages of the 2020-21 NBA regular-season, so maybe Westbrook and the Wizards can still turn their fortunes around.