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Wizards’ Russell Westbrook shows off hilarious dance routine during delay in game

russell westbrook, wizards

Russell Westbrook had some idle time on his hands after the Washington Wizards and New York Knicks’ matchup at Capital One Arena was delayed. The one-time MVP resorted to performing an unusual warm-up routine to keep himself loose during the lull.

While most players just stretch in these types of situations, Brodie was visibly psyching himself up and looked like he was getting ready for a professional fight. Here’s the hilarious clip.

Russell Westbrook’s career in DC has been off to a rocky start, so light-hearted moments like this one have come few and far between. His numbers have continued to remain solid, notching 19.7 points, 9.0 rebounds, and 8.9 assists on 41.6 percent shooting from the field and 34.3 from deep in 15 games prior to Friday’s match against the Knicks.

Washington, however, continues to struggle and still flounders right at the bottom of the East with a poor 6-16 slate. All in all, the Wizards have gone 2-13 with Westbrook in the line-up and 4-3 during the games he missed. While it’s unfair to pit Washington’s tough luck solely on his shoulders, it’s pretty clear that the Westbrook-Bradley Beal backcourt experiment is not clicking as expected.

Westbrook’s frenetic energy, meanwhile, continues to be evident in his 12th season in the league.