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Wizards’ Russell Westbrook stares down basket in disbelief after airballing free throw

Wizards, Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook and the Washington Wizards are looking to end their two-game losing streak on Sunday against the Boston Celtics. After getting fouled in the first half of the game, Westbrook stared down the basket following an airball at the charity stripe.

We’ve seen players over the years airball free throws. However, air balling a free throw is something that Westbrook isn’t accustomed to doing in his career.

In his first 12 seasons in the NBA with the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Houston Rockets, Westbrook made a respectable 79.9 percent of his free-throw attempts. However, in his first year with the Wizards, Westbrook is currently making a career-worst 65.5 percent of his free-throw tries.

Given his aggressiveness and ability to attack the basket, Westbrook is always going to have opportunities to get easy points at the free-throw line. Throughout his entire career, Westbrook has averaged 7.1 free-throw attempts.

But if Westbrook continues to miss free throws at a high clip, he may begin settling for more outside shots on the offensive end. And as most know, Westbrook isn’t an efficient scorer when he’s chucking up shots from behind the arc.

The free-throw line has been public enemy No. 1 for Westbrook this season as he continues to try and get acclimated to his new environment in Washington. Seeing how he stared down the basket after his unusual airball from the free-throw line, Westbrook may take his anger out on the rim with a dunk at some point on Sunday versus the Celtics.